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CH Windy Cove Flight Of The Eagle

A muscled handsome dog of correct type. He is much happier at home patrolling the yards, excavating cool spots, and supervising young dogs than he is at a dog show—so he is rarely shown these days.

AKC#: HM821239/01 DOB 3-26-1999 OFA: Good

CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Winning Ace

Vivacious and Affectionate, this hard bodied, correct coated silver girl is a dream to watch move. She has a long center curled tail , dark black eyes and full dentition.

AKC#: HP053896/01 DOB: 6-13-2003 OFA: Excellent

CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Tinker Bell

A true beauty. Short backed, a tight center curled tail, black eyes, short coarse coat, great movement and a mischievous spirit. We are excited to have her here with us.

AKC #: HP134745/01 DOB: 1-10-2005 OFA: NE-3241F24F-PI

CH Windy Cove Grom Silver Select

Such a lovely girl.  She has a correct square body and short loin and short coarse coat.  She also has such nice little ears.  Her tight center curled tail is always in motion.

AKC #: HP234385/05 DOB: 9/12/2006 OFA: NE-3354G25F-VPI
CERF # is NE-933/2010--40


RiverWind Windy Cove My Cowboy Hat

She is a breath-taking sight in motion.  She is so silver with a correct  short coat She has a lovely feminine head with dark dark eyes.  She is such a love.

AKC #: HP28273901 DOB: 12-3-2007 CERF: Eyes: NE-984-2009—15


Windy Cove My RiverWind Angel

Our lovely, lickie, silver girl.  She is a Dasher /Chello daughter and an Eagle grand-daughter with beautiful feet and such easy correct movement.

As a youngster she was a gawky big boned puppy who is slowly getting her mature body.
AKC #: HP25945501 DOB: 4/24/2007

OFA: NE3444F34F-PI

CERF: Eyes: NE-1004/2010-33


Windy Cove RiverWind Country Walk

A handsome Kaisa/Country son at 7 months of age.  A clear silver coat, dark-dark eyes, small ears, a beautiful head and tight center curled tail.  We are hoping for great things from him and his brother Rogue.

AKC #:  HP 32753901 DOB:  11-9-2008 CERF: Eyes: NE-1005/2010--14


Windy Cove RiverWind Country Rogue

An outstanding Kaisa/Country son at 7 months of age-- already a top puppy winner.  A clear silver coat, dark dark eyes, full dentition, and beautiful movement.  We are expecting great things from him and his brother Walker.

AKC #:  HP34553603 DOB:  11-9-2008 CERF: Eyes: NE-1006/2010-14


RiverWindShadow Windy Cove Nordic Krystal

Our wonderful gift from Ray and Merle Beathard/Comera Norwegian Elkhounds. What a cutie she is pictured here at 4 months of age--and certainly a challenge to live with.  We are anxious to see how this lovely girl grows up and what she will add to our breeding program.

AKC #:  HP34553603 DOB:  4-20-2009 CERF: Eyes: NE-1007/2010-9
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