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CH Windy Cove Kash’s Airybelle

Beautiful Belle! Oh so correct! Tiny little ears, jet black eyes, tight center curled tail, lovely short flat coat, pretty feet, full dentition-the list just goes on and on. A very special Kash daughter.

AKC#: 781439/01
DOB: 8-5-1998
OFA: Good

CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Maid Molly

A girl with so much type. Short backed, dark eyes, tight center curled tail, moves so well, a lovely short flat silver coat.

AKC # HP083043/01
DOB: 1-16-04

CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Choice Win

Don’t let her beauty fool you, she is a character. Affectionately known as the contortionist. A lovely silver girl with such a short back and a correct coat, a tight center curled tail, dark impish eyes, and full dentition.

AKC # HP053896/ 02
DOB: 6-13-2003
OFA: Excellent

CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Winning Race,CD, RE, CGC, ASCA CD

This handsome gent has lots going for him. Correct height, a short back, a tightly curled tail, dark black eyes, a short coarse coat. He is full of animation. He is so agile and moves so well.

AKC # HP053896/03
DOB: 6-13-2003
OFA: Good
CERF # NE821/2006-33
Heart Certification # NE-CA12/33M/C-PI

SBIS CH Windy Cove Kash Register

A top producer and an outstanding example of the breed. Son of favorite Windy Cove dogs. Such type, so correct. He moves like a dream.

AKC # HM791683/01
DOB: 10-1-1998
OFA: Good
CERF: Clear


CH Windy Cove Tusko O Karin Jordash

Some Windy Cove favorites are behind this outstanding young dog. He is a darker dog with correct leg length to body depth, well muscled, a dense short coarse coat, full dentition & he has beautiful movement. He and Karen are hard at work preparing for Obedience competition.


AKC #: HP06240/01

DOB: 6-23-2003

OFA: Good



CH RiverWind Windy Cove Pandamonium

Panda is our lovely Ace/Oslo daughter She moves beautifully, has a short correct coat, dark brown eyes, full dentition, and a lovely tight center curl tail.  She is so patient--the perfect Junior companion for Sarah.  She and Sarah’s Mom Mandy are busy learning agility.

AKC #: HP188089/02  DOB: 12-14-2005 Eye Certification: NE892N/2006


CH RiverWind Windy Cove My Cowboy Charm

Spoiled rotten by Karen this beautiful girl has it all, a short back, nice bone, a lovely clear silver coat,  dark eyes and a tight center curled tail.  She is just outstanding.

Charm is Owned and at home in Texas with Karen Woltman.

AKC # # HP28273903
DOB: 12-3-2007
CERF: Eyes: Clear


CH RiverWind Windy Cove Midnight Cowboy

Our handsome Tinker/Country son—what type he has.  He is short backed, has nice bone, a lovely correct coat, full dentition, a tight center curled tail and he is a wonderful ambassador for the breed in all that he does with Sarah.  They just keep exceeding our expectations for them.

AKC # HP28273904
DOB: 12-3-2007
CERF: Eyes: Clear

CH Windy Cove Choice Country Star

This rugged young dog has lots to offer.  He has excellent hunting type with a hard muscled body, short back, good bone and a coarse flat silver coat. He has a tight center curled tail, nice feet and dark brown eyes.   He is energetic and agile and a wonderful companion.

AKC # HP 267642/01
DOB: 7-9-2007


CH  Windy Cove Grom’s Big Silver

Silver is such a handsome dog.  He has excellent type, full dentition, small black ears, cat like paws, a tight center curled tail and he moves effortlessly. 

AKC # HP 234385/02
DOB: 9-12-2006
OFA: Good
CERF: Eyes: Clear

CH Windy Cove Grom Sterling Silver

Sterling is the “licky mush”—he would rather be leaning up against you or laying on you than off playing and running in the yard. 

AKC # HP 234385/01
DOB: 9-12-2006
OFA: Good

CH Windy Cove Grom Silver Megabucks

Mega is the feisty one of the group, lively, independent and highly animated.  She has wonderful coloring with a short coarse coat, strong body, pretty head and deep dark brown eyes. 

AKC # HP 234385/03
DOB: 9-12-2006
OFA: Good

CH Windy Cove Grom’s Silver Velvet

Velvet, “SHE IS SPECTACULAR!”  As a puppy, Velvet was gawky and coarse, with a big bony body—truly not a very “pretty” puppy.  But we could see her potential and as she grew and matured she has become ONE OF THE BEST FEMALES PRODUCED AT WINDY COVE. 

AKC # HP 234385/04
DOB: 9-12-2006
OFA: Good

CH RiverWind Windy Cove Shock-N-Awe

Shocker is our handsome Ace/Oslo son.  He has lots of dark pigmentation to his coat but a clean silver undercoat.  He also has lots of bone, full dentition, and a lovely dark eye.  He is full of energy and a real joy.

AKC #: HP188089/01 DOB: 12-14-2005 Eye Certification: NE-893N/2006-8
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