CH Windy Cove Dasher’s Winning Race, CD, RE, CGC, ASCA CD

This handsome silver young dog has lots to offer. Short backed, dark eyes, a short flat coat, he moves correctly, and is bold and energetic.

Bred By: Lee Ann Breading, Marie Peterson, & Elizabeth Parmer

Co-Owned with RiverWind by: Catherine Garrett

CERF NE-821/2008-60
OFA Heart NE-CA12/33M/C-PI (normal)
OFA Patella NE-PA17/36M/P-PI (normal)
OFA Elbows NE-EL88M36-PI (normal)
OFA Hips NE-3214G36M-PI (good)
OFA Thyroid NE-TH55/59M-VPI (normal)



Racer finished with 3 Major wins:

  • Going WD & BOS under Breeder Mr. Judge Nelson R. Huber at the Tri-State Kennel Club Show on October 30, 2004.
  • Going WD, BW, & BOB under Judge Dr. Richard F. Greathouse M.D. at Brazoria Kennel Club on February 27, 2005
  • Going WD & BW under Judge Ms. Denny C. Mounce at the Galveston Kennel Club Show on March 20, 2005

  • AKC CH 5/14/2005 (conformation)
  • AKC CGC 12/7/2006
  • AKC RN 1/12/2007 (rally)
  • AKC CD 3/16/2008 (obedience)
  • AKC RA 3-14-2009 (rally)
  • AKC RE 7/4/2009 (rally)
  • ASCA CD 12/9/2007 (obedience)
  • NEAA Versatile Norwegian ELkhound 2007 
Mom: Winnie Dad: Dasher
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